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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Cost of Driving to Your Atlanta Rental Property

An Atlanta Property Owner Feeling Frustrated About Driving All the Way to His Rental PropertyYou may have pinpointed and gotten an investment rental property in a near-by city that at first sounds marvelous – low property cost, high rent, great residents, and only some minor maintenance that ought to be done. The drive is only about 45 minutes each way, and you expect to visit no more than about once per month. All of it appears to be marvelous, so what could likely go astray?

To kick start, dwellers do not settle endlessly. In fact, the typical resident for a single-family apartment will last a year and a half. People get their own homes, move for different job options, and other life junctures can arise in resident turnover.

The moment your resident evacuates, you should work for the property to be beautified and ready to go for the new tenants. You can appoint pros to do this work, but at the very minimum, you must drive to your rental property to do an appraisal of what must be done and then a return trip to ensure that your vendors did the assignment as promised. If your vendors have disregarded several inconspicuous things, then this may involve further trips on your part.

Once your property is open, you will need to showcase your property. Did you consider taking pictures when you scrutinized your vendors’ work? If not, then you will need to arrange another trip. Also, for each showing, you will need to make a trip. On average it takes 7 to 15 showings to identify a quality and qualified prospect. You could undertake to line up varied showings all at once on the same day(s), but many times what is effective for your schedule will not be effective for your applicants’ schedule, and so you should think of planning a number of trips.

Soon after you have located a sure resident, you will need to make other trips for the move-in transaction. Anyway, residents, many times have more than a few follow-up pleas soon after transferring in, whether it be a question on how to operate the dishwasher to small maintenance requests, and so you will need to plan some trips within the first few weeks after move-in.

Okay, you now have a marvelous new resident who pays the rent on time. All of it goes without a hitch for some months, but then the toilet overflows. Your resident must be at work and is unable to be there with the plumber, and so there is another trip for you. No problems for a few more weeks, but then your resident has a row with a neighbor over the weekend, and there goes your Sunday. Everything goes smoothly for the next few weeks, but then a fuse blows, but your resident cannot find the fuse box, shutting off the heater in the middle of the winter…and you get inconvenienced by a call at 3 am.

Although that 45-minute drive evidently seemed so undemanding when you first purchased the property, it’s now wearing out on not only your time but also the outlay of gas, as well as the overuse of your vehicle. What is the value of your time for you? That 45-minute drive each way for all the numerous details that you should take care of will add up.

Getting a property in an adjacent city can be an excellent investment with the low-cost purchase price, high rent, and sure residents that you had at first hoped for. Anyway, the time and toll of the everyday functions can disintegrate that dream investment into a nightmare.

The experts at Real Property Management Executives Greater Atlanta can help you out. We will show your investment property to possible residents, check out seekers and oversee the move in, see to resident emergencies and 3 am phone calls and attend to maintenance issues. Not only that, we persistently attend training in resident-landlord laws, such as fair housing and evictions, plus are licensed and insured to manage your property productively in conformance with regulations and statutes.

Have you evaluated the true cost of your investment rental property? Please contact us online or call us at 678-504-8580 today for more information.

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