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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Five Inexpensive House Upgrades to Boost Your Johns Creek Property’s Appeal

Stylish Gray Fixtures on White Kitchen CabinetsA lot of people think that upgrading a rental house is expensive or difficult, but if you’re smart about it, it can be done a lot easier and be more affordable. In fact, there are numerous inexpensive or free ways to improve a so-so rental property’s appeal and make it something that prospective tenants want. By swapping out some hardware or fixtures, and doing a little low-cost resurfacing, you make some great improvements. These simple touches can make your single-family rental property one that quality tenants are eager to rent. In fact, you can significantly boost your Johns Creek property’s appeal with these five simple upgrades.

1.Don’t Forget the Details

Interior decorators have known for a long time, that if you just add a few small touches, you can make a huge difference to a home. The same thing applies to single-family rental homes. Installing new cabinet handles and drawer pulls to a bland kitchen can add both beauty and function, immediately upgrading otherwise tired old cabinets.

Faceplates also help make a home interior feel more put together. When faceplates are cracked or mismatched, it can really drag down the feel and visual appeal of a room. Just by simply replacing each faceplate with new, matching ones, you can make each room in your rental house much more attractive.

2.Changing Hardware and Fixtures

Just as small details like faceplates and cabinet handles can have a big impact, so too can replacing small hardware items (like doorknobs) and light fixtures. After some years, hardware and light fixtures can tarnish, making them look old and dated. This can affect the way a prospective renter looks at a rental home’s interior. It may give them a negative impression. But all you have to do is update old light fixtures in key rooms, add a ceiling fan in a bedroom, or add matching doorknobs, locks, and other hardware, and you will produce a visual appeal far in excess of the costs. You don’t need to have hardware and light fixtures that are expensive, either. A basic fixture that looks modern and clean is usually good enough.

3.Spot Paint the Walls

Repainting a rental home’s walls is one way to achieve that fresh, clean look tenants love, but it is also possible to achieve a similar effect by simply doing some small touch-ups. It really boils down to the amount of wear and tears your walls have endured, but it is quite unlikely that you’d need a full paint job between every tenant. If you’ve saved paint or paint chips from your last paint job, then you could simply fill in any nail holes or other damaged areas with putty and then paint over the repaired patches. By doing this, you are giving yourself walls that look freshly painted but aren’t spending too much time or money.

4.Resurface the Countertops

The overall appeal of a property can be significantly changed by the look of its countertops. A beautiful countertop can do wonders for the appeal of a rental home– it can give the kitchen or bathroom a custom look and give it an upgraded feel. Fortunately, it is not necessary to install granite or other expensive options to achieve this same result. There are many different countertop resurfacing kits available that can give your old countertops an instant facelift without the designer price tag.

5.Landscape for Free

A rental home’s landscaping is a crucial part of the property’s curb appeal. It can even be the convincing factor that makes a tenant choose your property over another. A clean, low-maintenance yard is ideal for rental homes, but tenants enjoy trees, flowers, and other beautifying elements as well. To add some low-cost color and green to your rental’s yard, you may want to visit your local utility or city website first. Many cities have programs to help the environment where they give away free trees or plants to people– property owners included. Also, you may want to check the “Free Stuff” section of your local classifieds. In these ads, you’d see that people would advertise just about anything they no longer need– including shrubs and trees. In this way, you can upgrade your property’s landscaping for no more than the cost of a little elbow grease and a shovel.

In Conclusion

When we’re talking about standing out in the rental market, then small upgrades definitely can equal big returns. With a bit of time and some low-priced acquisitions, you can upgrade your Johns Creek rental property and your potential to draw in the types of tenants you desire.

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